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..they have snow in El Paso/Texas... Here is a new Video of Lani and Avido

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waiting has an end...




in the night from Thursday to Friday

Cosima Memory of the old red Hunter

has born 9 healthy puppys

from Sadikifu Ajamu !!


2 male and 7 female and their mother are healthy and very well.


some Sadikifus have met on the show Wijchen...



and have done a perfect job. We are very glad and share the owners happiness

The joungest, allmost 9,5 month old, has had the worst job. She started the first time in the youth class against 11 !! competitors. Ines and Sadikifu Dara Satara of Dhuriya have made a real good job an d received a "very good". more on their own Homepage

Sadikifu Chameena a daugther of Sadikifu Anulika Serwa started in the age of 15 month also the firrt time in the intermediate class Nadine and Chameena have done it really good and received an "Exellent 3". More on their own Homepage

Our B- litter was represented two times: 2,5 years old the Sire Sadikifu Barmani started in the open class. Eileen and Barmani made perfect job and received the amazing top score "Excellent 1"


and last but not least

ower own bitch Sadikifu Baghira Bassari as well 2,5 years in age, started the first time in the Champion Class. Sybille and Bassari received a perfect "excellent 2"

We have had a lot of fun with all of you, keep on racing!


new pictures and a "no snow" video...



..of Lani and her new friend

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new pictures ...



..of Shani jr. have reached us....

many thanks to Antje and Markus.


actual pictures and many interesting news of our offspring are available on the following pages as well:

Ajamu =>

Amira =>

Chameena =>

Chipo =>

Dara Satara =>

Djuma => rr-lö


have fun.

and they made it..



...wou, the ultra sound picture shows it officially ...

Cosima Memory of the old red Hunter

is pragnant from Sadikifu Ajamu !!


We are very very happy, now we are waiting for the birth...

waiting has an end..



...on Saturday we recieved the official document for Bassari to wear the title

Polish Champion

We are very, very happy ;-)



Hurrraaaa .....


MCh. Sadikifu Amira Surayya


Foto copyright @ Susanne Seidenfaden

hat es nun geschafft.

Deutscher Champion VDH

Am Wochenende haben sich Tanja und Amira mit dem letzten fehlenden V 1 CAC Dt. Ch. VDH auf der Internationalen Hundeausstellung in Hannover den 4. Championtitel erlaufen.


Unsere herzlichsten Glückwünsche an das Traumpaar.

Wir sind riesig stolz auf Tanja, was sie mit unserer kleinen Frau 10 geschafft hat.....




neue Bilder von Lani und ihrem neuen Kumpel


Täterträtääää .....


it happend.

Sadikifu Ajamu is the first Sire of our Kennel mating with a girl. The lucky one is Cosima Memory of the old red Hunter .





We are excited as of one of our own matings ;-)

Now we wait for the small black and white picture ....

keep the fingers crossed!!!!


new pictures .....


of the C and D litter arrived.

Coffie is now 14 month and develloped to a nice young male

and our charming girl from the USA has got a new buddy

Lani and her new friend

today the D litter


puppy meeting happend. It was a real pleasure to meet almost all of the after 8 month on Otzberg castle. Only Lani was not able to come because of the big distance from El Paso, USA. Some pictures of this lovely day you will find here (click)




          best regards from Lani




we have changed....


our litter planning, more information (click)


a relaxing extension ....


of this summer was possible by driving to the south of France to La Maurette. Here we had a relaxing week together with our girls (click)

Shwo time in Recklinghausen :

We congratulate

Ines und Dara Satara jouth class

Saturday very promising 3

Sunday very promising


Nadine und Chameena,

intermediate class

Saturday excellent 4

Sunday very good


and last but not least

Tanja and Amira

Champion class

Saturday excellent 2

Sunday excellent 1


new pictures from ....



Sadikifu Dayo



new pictures from .....


Sadikifu Banjoko Osei


Sadikifu Davu


Sadikifu Djuma Watani


new pictures of ....



Sadikifu Barmani



Dod Show in Luxemburg



Tanja and Amira´s double slam

excellent 1, CACL; CACIB first place Championklasse

BOS Best of Sex

BOB Best of Breed


luxemburg Champion


international Champion



dog show in ....



Tanja and Sadikifu Amira

Champion class

excellent 1 CAC, dt. Ch. VDH


new pictures of  Sadikifu Dara Satara of Dhuriya


Sadikifu Djuma Watani has got his own Homepage

Happy birthday....



 Happy birthday to our C- Wurf "babies" They turned their first year






And big surprise to all  of us Sadikifu Chameena has her own HOMEPAGE !!!

Congratulations !


a video from ....


Sadikifu Dalila Lani   

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Dow Show in Sopot


Sybille and Sadikifu Baghira Bassari

excellent 1 CWC first place open class res. CACIB

in Poland



has claimed the results for the polish Champion


today we decided ....


to go with Bassari to the dog show in Ludwigshafen.It was kind of a training for Bassari as well as the chance to meet some others from the Sadikifu Clan. In total 5 Sadikifu Rhodesian Ridgeback as well as a grand child of our Shani (Sabayuma Ashmahani Marjani) have had a lot of fun on a sunny afternoon.



Three of them took the challange to meet the competition in the show ring and claimed very good results. We congratulate:

Ralf with Sadikifu Akuma

for a perfect very good in a strong competion of 18 males in the open class

Tanja with Ch. Sadikifu Amira Surayya

for a excellent 4 in the Champion class


Nadine with Sadikifu Chameena

for a excellent 3 in the very strong youth class


In addition we recieved new pics of our "american girl" Sadikifu Dalila Lani (Mini). The " little one" has gained a lot of weight and almost closed the gap to her sisters and brothers. (click).

Thomas and his family had a nice vacation time with Sadikifu Bashira Saphira

Many thanks to all of you never getting tired sending us actual pics of our "babies" Thank you so much.


And last but not least we have had the chance to take some real nice pics of Shangani Yachter; have look at planned litter



Sadikifu Amira and Sadikifu Chameena ....


went showing in Bad Wildungen.

Big congrats to Nadine And Chamena for a superp very good in the youth class. This is the first step to the certificate of breeding ;-)



we congratulate Tanja and Sadikifu Amira for both the excellent 3 on Saturday and for a perfect victory on Sunday einem with excellent 1 CAC dt. Ch. VDH and Club Elsa in the champion class.




Lani  and Chameena ....


sent new pics. Thanks you very much. It is always a pleassure to to follow their growth.


Dalila Lani



Happy birthday



Our Shani turnd 6 today !!

All the best to the litter mates .

below an actual picture of her taken on the island of Foehr in northern Germany in the North sea. She is doing very well.


today new pics....


of Lani from the States arrived. Many thanks to Britt and Rob.

Dalila Lani



a lot of new pics....


of our offspring arrived, a warm thank you to all of you for sending those nice pics.

Batuli Jamila

Banjoko Lennox

Chidima Maya

Dara Satara with her very nice homepage with a lot of wunderful actual pictures



Dinari Sky



three weeks silence due to......




Bille and me took out three dogs and headed up north to the wunderfull island Föhr. It was a very relaxing time with lot of fun. (Click)




Happy Birthday to all

B-Litter "Puppies" to the 2. Birthday !!!

an best regards to the owners


Sadikifu Chigani...


wasr in St. Gallen, Switzerland. Monika and he won their first victory..

Congratulations to a wunderfull  vv 1  (more pics)


Sadikifu Ajabu...


has moved from teh country side into St. Gallen. He developed to a dog with a strong character with a perfectly shaped body.

new Pics of Sadikifu Ajabu

and the D - litter oweners have made a lot of new pics....

Dara Satara on heer own Homepage Dhuriya

Djuma Watani


Dalila Lani


new pics of ...


Dinari Sky from Katzelsdorf / Austria

and Dalila Lani from El Paso, Texas

thank you for the nice pics. W allways love to whatch new pics of your lttle sweet ones.

the first pics of


their new homes

Djuma Watani from Riedstadt

Davu from Frankfurt

Dinari Sky from Katzelsdorf / Österreich

Davu Keanu Saarbrücken



D-litter last pics....


during this week we shot some last nice pictures of the residual 5 puppies.. (Click)

Diketi has found a new lovely home now.

From now on the new owners have the oportunity to place self made pictures on their indivitual page... (click)

In the meantime some pics have reached us

Dafina Shani from Weinolsheim

Dara Satara from Raesfeld


the final acceptance


is coming up, time to shoot the famous couch pic....(Click)

from the left:

Dara Satara


Djuma Watani

Davu Keanu



Dalila Lani


Dinari Sky

Dafina Shani




D-litter daily pics....




D-litter daily pics....




D-litter daily pics....




D-litter daily pics....




D-litter daily pics....




D-litter daily pics....




D-litter daily pics....


the weather was very fine.We made a ride with the car to a foreign medow...The puppies had a lot of fun...


D-litter daily pics....


today we have taken pics from yesterday due to the weather...


D-litter daily pics....




D-litter daily pics....


the warm sun invited to play...


D-litter daily pics....





D-litter daily pics....


because of the very bad weather we pulled out some pic from yesterday...



D-litter daily pics....


nearly all names and new owners are fixed now. Today we made our third "cat walk" with our puppys....



We have uploaded new pictures and portraits of Bassari


D-litter daily pics....





D-litter daily pics....





D-litter daily pics....





Our Bassari has made it...


Sadikifu Baghira Bassari has made the certificate of breeding

we are very glad and proud




D-litter daily pics....


our new bridge has been proved


D-litter daily pics....


we took the good weather and made some nice pictures. they have to last till Sunday because Stefan has to take Bassari to the ZZP

new pics from Sadikifu Chigani, Thank you Monika and Jürgen



D-litter daily pics....


the puppies enjoy the very warm and nice weather



D-litter daily pics....


today we could open the garden due to very sunny weather



D-litter daily pics....


due to bad wheather conditions we still have pictures from inside the house only....



D-litter daily pics....




D-litter daily pics....


well, the wheather was not very good, they have blustered around in teh house...



D-litter daily pics....


today the puppies have dicovered our yard and the puppy house...



D-litter daily pics....





D-litter daily pics....


in Sabayuma-Kennel Sadikifu Amira Surrayya has born six girls nad 3 boys all of them including the mother are well. Congratulatons to Tanja and Marcel...

in our puppy box life becomes more and more active



D-litter daily pics....


Wow, our Shani becomes Grandma the second time. In Sabayuma-Kennel the birth is going on. Twoe girls and one boy so far (10:46 pm)


d-litter (Click)

the puppies are gaining more and more confidence in humans




D-litter daily pics....


d-litter (Click)

today we performed our second cat walk....




Show in Offenburg....


and the very long distance was not to far away for two tin opener couples from our C-littert...

Sadikifu Chamena with Nadine and Chris have got an "promising"


Sadikifu Chigani with Monika and Jürgen have reached a "very promising 4"

This was for all of them the very first time in the show ring. Respect to all of you. We are very proud of you


Of course there will be som new pic of the D-litter;-)



D-litter daily pics....


d-litter (Click)


Today the puppys were very active, could this be related to the food ;-)




D-litter daily pics....


d-litter (Click)

today we fed small meat balls and oll of the puppies liked them very much


D-litter daily pics....


d-litter (Click)

today the puppys are 3 weeks old. Everything is fine, they all gain weight as they have to, everyone, especially Mini, bring a lot of joy to us.


D-litter daily pics....


d-litter (Click)

Today Mini has reached 1000 g and multiplied her weight of birth by 6,3. The average of the litter is 4. The most heavy ones have reached 1750 g. We are now sure that she will make it of course she will be treated in a special way still.

Thank you for crossing your fingers.



D-litter daily pics....



After extending the area of the puppy box the little ones enjoy their new freedom and "jump" around.




D-litter daily pics....


d-litter pics (Click). The puppys start to walk now...




D-litter daily pics....






D-litter daily pics....



Mini has reached 730 g now :-))))


We have got some very nice pics form Sadikifu Coffie, thank you, Astrid



D-litter daily pics....


some teeth have broken through...and their eyes are wide open now




D-litter daily pics....


today all of the puppies have slightly open their eyes. including our Mini which has gainen some 80 g (!) to 585 g now.





D-litter daily pics....


today ist is the 13th. day and it seems that some of our little ones are going to open their eyes ...


Our puppy owners have sent some very nice pics of:

Sadikifu Chigani thank you, Monika and Jürgen

Sadikifu Bwerani Jali thank you, Claudia and Reiner

Sadikifu Chipo thank you Birgitt and Roger


Sadikifu Chameena thank yor as well, Nadine and Chris



D-litter daily pics....


we have change from the white ribons to coloured ones. All puppies are doing fine. Our mini (510 g) and Mr. 5 (blue) which were born together are laying close together very often.



D-litter daily pics....


our mini has reached 480 g now. we are very happy.


the Show weekend in Fribourgh (CH) was very successfull for the Sadikifu Kennel:

Sadikifu Ajamu

and Mathias have made a "Excellent 3 " in the open class with 11 dogs.

Congratulations we are very proud of you.

Sadikifu Baghira Bassari
and Stefan have got "very good" on Saturday and on Sunday an "excellent".




D - litter daily pictures


No. 1, 2, and Mini are racing for the first to double the weight of birth. On sunday we will see. Till then there will be no new pictures because Stefan will take Lika and Bassari for a Show in Fribourg

Todays pics Click


D - litter daily pictures


Mini has reached 285 g now ;-))))



D - litters daily pictures


today "Minus" has reached 235 g, straight forward;-)))))) Click

and the tin opener of Chipo have created a lovely hompage for Sadikifu Chipo with the sonorous name ""

Very good Birgit and Roger we will pit you on the link list at once. ;-)))


D - litter daily pictures


Yeah, our little one, starting with 160g and droping down to 140 g has reached 220 g today. Thanks for crossing your fingers ;-)))))) Click

D - litter daily pictures


today we send our girls and boys on the cat walk; they have done their very best ;-) (Click)


D - litter daily pictures


from now on until the puppys will leave us we will provide daily picturse here


Roger has send some pictures from the 6 month old Sadikifu Chipo of our C-litter, thank you very much Roger.


Frank has send some pictures of the 21 month old Sadikifu Banjoko Lennox of the B-litter, thanks as well, Frank


Hurra, the D-litter arrived


yesterday between 8.15 am and 10 pm 4 girls and 6 boys were born. All of them are healthy. More pictures here


News D-Litter and more....


... Shani has reach her final weight of 49 kg we suppose and her waist circumferance is now at 94 cm. Some few days and the birth will happen. Some pictures here.

.... more show results. On the weekend Sadikifu Baghira Bassari has won two times the intermediate class and has got her first two canditatures for a Champion title in Poland...

2 X V1 CWC in Bydgoszczy, Poland



Hurra, our Shani becomes a Grandma....


....crossing fingers was worth it for Sadikifu Amira Surayya of the Sabayuma Kennel !!!!

Jippee, Amira is pragnant.

The number of detected puppies on teh us picture feeds the hope of a bigger litter. ;-)))). More info and the us picture you will find on the Homepage of Amira



D - litter


Shani has gained another 5 cm and has reached 89 cm now. Since Thursday the movements of the puppies are visible and palpable. We now start to measure her temperatur every day in order to find her standard temperature level. Then we will be able to notice the temperatur drop as a sign of the upcoming birth in two weeks. Pictures here: Litter planning

Keep on crossing the fingers...;-) more news in one week....


new pictures


...of little Chandu and Chameena of the C -litter in the snow. Thank you very much Cornelia and Nadine with Chris


D- Litter


...41st. day.

Shani is still doing very fine. During the last week she gained another 8 cm on her waist and has reached 83 cm now. The box for the litter is now installed so she can get used to it. Some actual pictures under litter planning


Keep on crossing the fingers...;-) more news in one week....


D- Litter


...Shani is now in week 5 and is doing very good. She enjoys the smooching very much. During the last week she gained 8 cm on her waist and has reached 75 cm now. This is almost the same like her last two litter.


Keep on crossing the fingers...;-) more news in one week....


Today new pictures of Sadikifu Chandu arrived, thank you Cornelia


D- Litter


...Shani and George made it. Today we went to the Vet and checked via ultra sound the status of the puppies.


Shani is pragnant

Let us wait and see how many it will be. However, it looks like allmost the same number as the last time.





New pictures of...


...Sadikifu Chandu arrived. Thank you Cornelia


New pictures of...


...Sadikifu Chameena and Sadikifu Banjoko Osei arrived. Thank you Nadine and Kerstin

Shani is well on track for this point of pregnacy....on Saturday we will know more ;-)


The eagerness becomes stronger...


...Shani shows her external signs as of her first two litters. The positive proove will give us the ultra sound picture coming up next Saturday...