in 2009

The first steps for the D-Litter ...


...have been made. George and Shani came together on the 20. and 21. 12.2009. Now we need some patience till the 16.01.2010. (click)


new pictures ....


....of Chameena, Chidima Maya; Chigani, and Coffie are online


the D-litter ....


comes closer. On the page litter planning you can find actual pictures of the chosen Sir Ye Japha Asali (George). Thanks to Ines and Mike.


more very nice pictures ....



Sadikifu Chipo (click)

arrived from Albertshofen in south east of Germany.


the very first pictures ....


of the new home of

Sadikifu Chandu le premier(click)

arrived from Luxemburg.


the very first pictures ....


of the new home of

Sadikifu Coffie(click)

arrived from Darmstadt.


more very nice pictures ....



Sadikifu Chipo (click)

arrived from Albertshofen in south east of Germany.


the last C-litter puppy



Sadikifu Choffie (click) was handed over to his happy new owners living in Darmstadt.

We wish all the best to new families and hope to see you again in April 2010 at the latest for our C-litter puppy meeting



more very nice pictures ....



Sadikifi Bashira Saphira (click)

Sadikifu Chipo (click)


Sadikifu Chigani (click)


Today Sadikifu Chameena Ijumaa was handed over to her happy new owners living in Mainz.

Last Saturday Sadikifu Chaniya went to her new and happy Familiy located in Darmstadt Griesheim.

We wish all the best to new families and hope to see you again in April 2010 at the latest for our C-litter puppy meeting


more pictures ....


of the new and the "old" (B-Litter) puppy owners arrived.. Chidima has had a lot of luck because her owner is a professional phoptographer. Angelika has given us a small glimps of her performance...simply good.

Sadikifu Chidima Maya

and from Kamen new pictures of bassari s brother arrived

Sadikifu Barmani



the first pictures....


of the puppies at their new homes arrived

Sadikifu Chameena

Sadikifu Chigani

Sadikifu Chipo



Sadikifu Amira Surayya (click)


and Tanja have been in Hannover on Sunday and made a V2 res.CAC in the champion class.

Congratulations to you both!


Hand over


Today five of our puppies could be handed over to very happy new puppy owner:

Chigani went to Großweil near the alps

Chandu le premier went to Luxemburg

Chandu went to Zirndorf in Franken

Chameena went to Hürth close to cologne

Chidima Maya went to Dieburg close to us

picrures of the very happy new owners you can find here (click)




dear friends,

in the meantime it became a kind of tradition, the farewell picture of all puppies on our couch

Chandu, Chaniya, Chipo, Chandu le premier, Chidima Maya, Chigani, Coffie, Chameena Ijumaa, Chameena

We wish all the best to all our new puppy owners.

Take care of your "SADIKIFU" (trustfull friend), hope to see you again in

April 2010 at our C - litter puppy meeting






Perfect Performance for Ralf and Silke at the ZZP in Unna


Sadikifu Akuma, the second Sire from our Kennel got the German breeding certificate

Congratulations to Akuma, Silke, Ralf ans Alina for this marvelous performance.

got the DZZR breeding certificate


Hurray, we are very proud off you all.

Last but not least you are the fourth possible dog of the a-litter to get the ZZP.

Adnan Imaan and Aluna Zina will be most probably as well very happy behind th rainbow.





Tanja and Amira have made it again.

They have been Lausanne and were judged as

V1 CAC 1st. place Champion-Class,

BOS Best of Sex (Best Female)

CACIB International Champion of beauty

Qualification for Crufts 2010



Our creeps do not stop.... we are very proud of you both!



update development C- litter

10th. Oct. 2009

All puppies weigh now more than 5000 g. They are well on track. Today we have performed our 3rd


update development C- litter

27th. Sept. 2009

Sybille is adding food with here homemade special food. All the puppies have gained weight to over 3000 g. Lika is very happy about this support because the teeth of the pupps have broken through and they are very sharp.


development C- litter

13th. Sept. 2009

all of the babies have trippled their weight of birth now. They are well on track. Lika is doing very good. Today we have started the second catwalk, for more info..... (click)

Show news from Leipzig

Ch. Sadikifu Amira Surayya

was shown the first time in Germany in the Champion Class on the double show in Leipzig. She has reached on both days a brilliant V2 res. CAC.

Congratulation to Tanja and Amira.


development C- litter


all nine are developing very well. In the meantime all babies have doubled their weight. The whole litter has now reached 125% of the mean weight of birth..... (click)


C- litter


is doing very well. All babies have gained about 25 % of weight. Lika has 10 functioning dugs which makes things very easy because there is no serious battle about a free dug (click)



many thanks

29.08.2009 20:00 Uhr

for the kind words and wishes in our guestbook, on th ephone and via e-mail. We like very much to receive this kind of attention. We have added some more pictures of this first day. (day 1)


Lika has made it


yesterday evening she delivered 5 male and 4 female puppies. Everybody is doing very well. More info... (click)



new pictures ....


of swimming Bassari (click)

and Lika is still doing very good....we wait


Lika is doing good....


everthing is quiet except the party going on in Likas belly. The puppies are moving very intensive. The belly circumverence is constant.

We have done two more pictures ... (click)



Happieness and pain


are so close together. Today we had to send our Hannoveraner Graphitti over the rainbow bridge. He came to us at the age of three and a half years and was trained by Sybille in dressage riding up to M-class tournaments. He was with us over 20 years and had guided us at the end to our wonderful house where he lived with us "under one roof" for 10 years.

good bye old chap.


so fare everything is quiet....


Lika is doing very well. She has gained some additional 4 cm on the belly......


We have received new pictures of Sadikifi Bashira Saphira; please Click


last pictures before the litter....


of Lika. Everthing is fine so fare. It looks like the litter will be within next week, we will


new pictures of....


Lika. She is well on track and has gained about 4,5 cm in waist. The puppy box is now opened here


new picktures of ....


Banjoko Lennox, he was on vacation and has seen a lot of interesting things . (click)



new picktures of....


Banjoko Lennox, he was on vacation with his owners and has seen a lot of nice places. (click)




waistline has gained 9 cm and this week reached 75 cm finally . For information click here

and new pictures of

Sadikifu Abasi Louis

Sadikifu Akuma

Sadikifu Batuuli Jamila


Sadikifu Akuma was judged "Very Good" in Ludwighafen


of the upcoming C-litter


today we have measured the belly of "Lady Lika" the first time with 65 cm. For information click here




wow, Lika and Gitonga have made it. The result of the todays ultra sound check is positiv. This time we have had the paitence to wait till the 28th. day.....

Lika is pregnant

Let´s looking forword till end of August then we will know more....

... and now it is time to anounce our planning for the D-litter for spring 2010.

Sire: Ye Japha Asali

Dam: Wa Kishujaa Aneesa Shani

...yes, we will repeat the very successfull mating of the A- litter.


But let us cross our fingers first for the upcoming litter with Lika and Gitonga ;-)




Mating in Sabayuma Kennel...


... hurra, today

Ch. Sadikifu Amira Surayya

met her Sire

Multi Ch. Ascot Alta Mirano.

We are so excited to follow the future details. For futher information please (click)


some more pictures ...


of Ajamu and test for the certificat for breeding. After a while we made it, we have looked at all the pictures of this lucky day. The result you will find here (click) and here (Portrait)


Planning C-litter


the count down has started. Today was the day with the showdown....

Lika and Gitonga became a couple. Everything went fine. Now we cross our fingers that Lika became gestating. End of July we will perform an ultra sound in order to be sure. We are so excited...




Sadikifu Ajamu the first Sire from our Kennel passing the German breeding certificate

Congratulations to Ajamu, Sabine, Mathias and Max for this marvelous team performance.

Sabine has performed the main training part and Mathias has taken himself and Ajamu in the testing stress. And Max with his calm charisma has performed the necessary composure and tranquillity. Everybody has made a perfect job.

with the DZZR breeding certificate


Hurray, we are very proud off you all.



It is allways...


amasing how fast time goes by. We congratulate our Shani and all her siblings to the birthday. We wish all the best.


New pictures


from Akuma. Ralf took some very good shots of his loved Akuma


Bassari wants to swim


we took our girls to a near gravel pit and gave them the chance to play in the fresh water (click)


about us ..


was updated and the switch to change the language is activ

in Memoriam


was updated

bilingual...from now on we will provide our homepage in english also


please be so kind and give me a hint by e-mail in case you find some mistakes or missunderstandings.

I would very much appreciate your support in order to perfect this page.


Thank you very much