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  updated: 17.05.2012

Happy Birthday



we wish all the best to our B-litter on their 4 th. birthday


A big hug to all of you


In love Sybille and Stefan





Happy Birthday



we wish all the best to our E-litter on their 1.st birthday


A big hug to all of you


In love Sybille and Stefan








Dear friends,

due to personal reasons unfortunately we are not able to make the planned G litter with Bassari and Ibamba.

We are very sorry about this desicion because we were sure that Ibamba and Bassari would have been the perfect mate.

We wish all the best to Stefanie and Ibamba and hope for a new inquiry of a perfect partner very soon.

During the last 6 years more than 410,000 visitors have accompanied us and our litters on this homepage. This big interest was to us always a joy and stimulus at the same time. We are still avaiable in case of any questions however, we will take a breeding break.

In future pictures of our offstring are published still on this page.

We say thanks to all friends and visitors and wish a healthy and glad Easter to all of you.

Take care.







Happy 5. Birthday

A big hug to all of you


In love Sybille and Stefan

Happy birthday....



 Happy birthday to our D- Litter "babies". They turned their second year


All the best !

In love Sybille and Stefan


the farewell....



is coming.

Yesterday Fumo Jafari, Faiza Bahari, Fabayo Lando and Fidel have left us and moved in to thier new owners homes. Today the four other sibling Farisa Bahiya, Fabayo Lee, Finn und Fayola Kira as well moved to their new human parents.


We, Bille and Stefan, and the puppy parents Shangani Weltevreden Dundubala and Sadikifu Anulika Serwa wish a healty and long live and a lot of fun to all 8 F-Babys together with their new familys.

Take care about thelittle Sadikifus. You are all very wellcome in case of any trouble or just to visit us.

Dear Hompepage viewer, we hope you have had the same fun as we had viewing the pics of the little ones.

here you will find the last pics of the F-litter at our home

For every F-Baby we have created its own page which you will find here



new pics of the 60th. day...

30.12.2011  22.00


link to pics of the 60th. day





today was the day...

29.12.2011  22.00

the famous couch pic was made..

from the left: Fabayo Lee, Fayola Kira, Fumo Jafari, Farisa Bahiya; Finn, Faiza Bahari, Fidel, Fabyo Lando





Hurra, the F- Babys are born...

02.11.2011 16.00 hour


Lika has born 3 healthy girls and 5 healthy boys  with a weight range between 450 g and 610 g.

We say thnak you to all of you who congratulate, crossed your fingers, guest book editors and those who have fevered with us the whole night through. We are very happy to know that there are so many friends out there who have attended this event.

Thank you to all of you

The night of birth was very long. Lika took her time sometimes up to 2 hours between two babys. Every birth happend without any problems. Lika and all babys are very fine. We are so happy.

an appetizer ...

and the winter puppy hut is ready to go...



Litter planning



...yes, Lika is pregnant

The marriage of Shangani Dundubala Weltevreden and Safikifu Anulika Serwa was successful

We are very happy

Now we are looking forward to the birth in about 5 weeks





Good Bye



On the 17.06. the official final check of all puppies happend.

Since yesterday now one after the other is leaving us in their new homes. We wish all the best to the new puppy owner and a lot of fun with their Sadikifu Baby.

Take care and keep us informed about the development of our Babys !


Hier geht es zu den Bildergalierien von jedem einzelnen E-Wurf Baby (Click)





day 60




....here you will find the actual pics of today Day 60



Wie congratulate...



Nadine with Sadikifu Chameena

they were on show in Saarbrücken and have made an Excellent 2 on Saturday


on Sunday the WON the intermediate class (7 bitches) with the one and only excellent

Excellent 1 CAC Anw.Dt.Ch,VDH & Club Elsa


we are very proud and happy!!



....here you will find the actual pics of today day 56 and day 57

THE Couch pic


well, some were in doubt that we would made it with 11 puppies on that couch....

from the left to the right.: Eshe Shakari, Elkina Indira, Etana Bassari jr., Etana Nala, Etana Nandi (laying), Ekevu Layla,

Elewa Rijaal, Elimu Dini (laying), behind Enyama Humphrey, Ekundayo Ron, Ekundayo Jamali

by random all girls are sitting on the left. As they run into our arms in the garden we took them in the living room on the couch. Of course all of them wait for the others to come  ;-)

day 55




....here you will find the actual pics of today Day 55



Happy Birthday


Happy Birthday to our B-litter

from the left to the right:

Bayoola, Bakiri Samir, Bwerani Jali, liegend Baghira Bassari, Barmani, Banjoko Osei, liegend Bashira Saphira, und Banjoko Lennox, Bomani Kourosh, Batuuli Jamila

....here you will find the actual pics of today Day 29





Congratulations to

Tanja and Sabayuma Marjani for the wunderfull titel won against very strong competitors in a group of 18 dogs

FCI youth winner of the century (female)


Grandma Shani, aunts Lika and Bassari and we are so proud of you!!



....here you will find the actual pics of today Day 23



sad news



Mother nature has taken "Essien"our male 4 back over the rainbow bridge. This happen sometimes, you read and hear about it but in case it hits yourself....

....but life goes on. On Day 3 you will find new pics of the party in the puppy box of today.

Pics of the 2 nd. day



Many thanks to all of you crossing your fingers and for the numerous good wishes

It was a very long birth. At 4.30 am. Lady 1 was born and at 7.30 pm lady 12 finshed the birth. Bassari has made a perfect job just like she has had some before...

Mother Natur is wonderfull. She has managed everything that Bassari and the puppies endure this exhausting birth. Mother Nature is also brutal. One strong girl did not made it. She was born death.

However, with one day distance we are very, very happy. It is a wunderfull litter, the weights differ between 365 g and 550 g. All puppies have a ridge and a wunderfull color.


On Day 2 you will find the first cat walk. Portrait pics of every puppy.



Hurra, the puppies are born

18.04.2011 23:10 hour


At 7.30 pm the last girl was born. Now they are 6 male and 6 female.




59. Day of pregnancy



these are the last pics before the birth...

more under litter planning (click)






52. Day of pregnancy



some news under litter planning (click)



46. Day of pregnancy



some news under litter planning (click)






this is pilot Bassari with some stowaways ;-))))

more actual pictures here (click)



Our offspring was very busy this weekend. Let us start with the youngest ones:

Ines and Sadikifu Dara Satara

Recklinghausen 19.03. 2011 youth class excellent

Recklinghausen 20.03. 2011 youth class very good


Nadine and Sadikifu Chameena

Recklinghausen 19.03. 2011 intermediate class very good

Recklinghausen 20.03. 2011 intermediate class very good 3


Eileen and Sadikifu Barmani

Recklinghausen 19.03. 2011 open class excellent 4

Recklinghausen 20.03. 2011 open class excellent 3


Tanja und MCh. Sadikifu Amira Surayya

München 19.03. 2011 honor class first place

Recklinghausen 20.03. 2011 honor class first place


We congratulate all of you. You all are smashing !!!





juhu !!!!!



....it happed!!

Our youngest pride member is pregnant.

We are so happy and look forward to the wunderfull time coming up together with our new puppy owners.


new pictures of ...



.... Sadikifu Dara Satara of Dhuryia (click),

she was on vacation with her pride in Denmark

more fantastic pictures of the Dhuriya pride you can find here (click)


Bassari is doing very good. She shows all typical signs for this stage of pregnancy more intensiv than during her last false pregnancy..

next week we meet the vet for the ultra sound... then we know more.






news of the planned E-litter planned litter (click)


new pictures of Sadikifu Dayo (click)   many thanks to the Bernhard family


some minutes ago (22.00 hour) very new pictures from our "mini" Sadikifu Dalila Lani arrived from El Paso /US. Wow, its is amazing how our little one has grown up under the perfect care of Britt and Rob. Thank you very much. We are so happy to see her and her buddy Avido in perfect harmony.


On 27.02. the birthday weekend of our A- litter the Sabayumas were on tour in Hoogstraten Belgium. Amria has made herself a present as well as her daughter Marjani to her mother ...

we congratulate very much!!





V 1, CAC, CACIB, best bitch    




V 1, best youth dog "youth winner"    












news from the planned E-litter here (click)


Now we have the time to congratulate our offspring to their wonderfull show results in Poland !!

Eileen and Barmani
Nadine and Chameena



12.02.2011 Ex. 1 CWC, best Sire

13.02.2011 Ex. 2                          


12.02.2011 very good 1      

13.02.2011 Ex. 1 CWC       

copyright Tina Zmmermann

copyright Tina Zmmermann


They were accompanied bei Tina with Ye Japha Ekhaya (click) . Congrats to them for a Very Good 3 and an Exellent 2.

Many thanks for the pics, dear Tina ;-))))


Happy birthday....



 Happy birthday to our D- Litter "babies". They turned their first year


All the best !

In love Sybille and Stefan

Bassari traveled down to the south of France.....



...Sunday Sybille and Sabine started the long journey with the bride Bassari and Lika.


On Monday they have met the first time and Yachter was very calm and very gentlemen like. Bassari was ready from her instincts and was standing still but from her mind she was a little bit surprised about the things which were happing. So she decide to think one further night.... But today she came obviously to the conclusion that everything is fine and the mating was completed finally;-))) We are so happy!! Tomorrow and on Thursday they will come together again and afterwards they will travel all together back north...


In about four weeks we will hopefully have the famous little black and white picture...



yesterday we have had ...



.... the chance to hold grand childs of Shani  in our hnad the third time....it was an amazing moment. Congratulations to Ulli with Cosi and Rothers with Ajamu.

This is realy a very nice litter.

Here you can make up your own mind ;-)


we have add ...



..a new icon of our short trip to the south of france in September 2010 to La Maurette. It is the home of Shangani Yachter. It  was a real relaxing time for the whole pride....




we have created a new button ...



..for Sadikifu stud dogs in the menu column. The first two canditdates are: