18.02.2007 the 55th. day of pregnancy

The circumferance of her belly has gained another 5 cm and counts now to 86 cm. Shani moves now in very slow motion. She has no more fun during the daily walks. So they are shorter now than usual. Her puppy box suits her very well so that she stays the som ehours during the night. This i the first time since her puppy time that she leaves voluntary her place next to Sybille in our sleeping room. ... we think it wll not last very long any more....














11.02.2007 48th. day of her pragnency

in this corner was our eating place...


looks homely


Shani feels fine




On the next following 5 pictures you can see Shani at the beginning of the 7th. week of pregnancy. Her circumferance of the waistline is 72,5 cm.

This is about 17 cm more than two weeks before. Unfortunately we do not have values of teh waistline with out pragnancy. However, she is gaining waistline and weight so everything is on its way...






"I do not like posing... sunlight is missing also !!! "

Stand 04.02.2007


"now they need the leash..."

Stand 04.02.2007


"OK, so I sit down so that they can take their pictures and the posing will have an end..."

Stand 04.02.2007



On this ultra soun picture one can see two embryos. The profi can also identify the umbilical cord ....


Well, in 5 weeks we will know more...;-)

Stand 20.01.2007