Aneesa Shani
of Sadikifu

born 25.06.2004 

HD A2    OCD/ED frei

DD = undeluted skin

height : 66,5 cm

weight : 35 kg

ZZP: unrestricted allowed to breed

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Aneesa Shani is an elegant and nevertheless strong dog, which makes honour to her name "amazing companion" . She was the only one of the litter who did not want to get down and stayed on Billes arm … Love at first sight… She is very reserved toward strangers, but a friendly dog, loyal to friends of the family.

From the report of the breeding permission of 25.03.06:

Aneesa Shani is a typical Ridgeback, afeminine dog with very good front chest and chest height, as well as very good front and rear angulation. She moves flowing with much thrust from the rear spar and very good movements. Despite her temper her ability to be guided does not leave anything to be desired, she does not show any reaction with the firing test.