We, Sybille and Stefan with our sons Sven and Jan live in a small farm below the "Veste" Otzberg in the small village Habitzheim. Together with our three cats, our Rhodesian Ridhebacks Shani and her daughters Anulika and Bassari we enjoy the life on the country side… We love the stay in the free one, the hay and straw harvest, maintaining the horse meadows and the work with the animals.

For Stefan it is a welcome alternation and relaxation after a arduous week in the office. Sybille has herself made her hobby the occupation, being a natural healer for animal since 1999. In addition she gives riding instruction and trains the partnership between the animal and the owner. Since 2006 Sybille is now also a state examined human healer.

She is specialized on the classical homoeopathy.


our breeding place


Our puppies are born inside our house in a special puppy box.

Two week before the expected birth day we clear our eating place, raise the puppy box in order to give our bitch the chance to get used to the box.


Usually Shani sleeps in our sleeping room. But during pragnacy she takes a nap in the box during night time


three puppies are born. The skin of the two in the middle is dark because they were released from amniotic sac some minutes before



A birth of e.g. 10 puppies like here with the B- litter could last about 6 hours. That means to have patience and enjoy the relaxing pauses. Already born puppies will be put in a prepared and heated basket or put to the milk bar in order to drink the important first milk from the mother.



This was a special experience to Stefan: allmost all puppies, mini was sleeping aleady close to his feet, came to his head, touched his nose, eyes, mouth, face and after while all of them fall to sleep, laying as close as possible to him.

This is how we think puppies shall be treated during their first weeks of life.

Sadikifu = trustfull friend    (from both sides)

approximately 3 weeks after the birth we extend the puppy box to give them more room to play....

As soon as the weather is fine we let the puppies gain some experience outdoors.


In the evening they come back into the house in the well known puppy box


At the end of the 5th. week the puppies move to the heated puppy house in our garden. From the heated sleeping hut they can walk in a sand area (toilet) and of course in the green garden

From now on we check them with a video camera even during night.

sleeping hut


"bathing" in a sea of puppies


Play ground

no comment...


feeding area

10 hungry puppies

At the age of about 7 - 8 weeks we take them into the house in order to show them different surroundings...


.....and other animals....


car driving will be trained

... and we explore a new area...

at the beginning the puppies stay with Bille...

...after a while they explore this area on their own...

... in order to come back to Bille as fast as possible...

...how do they love each other...

...but unfortunately after about 9 weeks this wunderfull time with the puppies has an end..... and they will explore the world with the new puppy owners.